Guitar Picks with Built-In Non-Slip Technology

guitar picks

Faster Action

Superior Grip

More Volume

Better Pick Control

Wider Tonal Range


V-PICKS react to the temperature and moisture in your fingertips, and this causes our picks to grip to you while you are playing.  We like to refer to this as Built-In Non-Slip Technology. Therefore, no need to hold your pick with a death grip, tiring our your fingers. Just relax your hand, arm and fingers and let the pick do its job.  When you are not fumbling around with your pick it allows you to think about playing your guitar instead, inspiring you to release your feelings and emotions instead of worrying about your equipment.  If you are thinking about your pick when you are playing, then you are using the wrong pick. Your pick or plectrum is that vital component that actually connects you to your beloved instrument. It is the true link or nexus that channels your inner emotions to your strings and then eventually to your listener’s ears. It may even be the most important piece of equipment in your signal chain! These revolutionary guitar picks just may be the missing links to help set free the music within YOU.