Guitar Pick Reviews

v-picks guitar pick reviews

This is expressed over and over in the messages and the guitar pick reviews we get each day.  These are real emails & letters from real customers.  We have corrected some grammar errors & punctuation.  Other than that we have not changed much at all.  If you have any doubt that V-PICKS are the world’s best guitar picks & mandolin picks, then please read these guitar pick reviews and see what our customers have to say.

Please know that Nancy and I read every email and letter sent to us.  We take in consideration every word used when a customer is describing his or her experience with V-PICKS and also the service that goes with them.  A good product is only as good as it’s service.  I learned that many years ago while working at Mercedes Benz.  Therefore, we strive not only to give you the best guitar pick & mandolin pick available, but also, to make your V-PICKS purchase an easy & fun endeavor.  By reading these guitar pick reviews we also understand clearly what our customers need.  Many new pick models have been born from testimonials coming in our emails every day.

Our thanks to you

So, thank you so very much for not only reading our guitar pick reviews, but also for sending guitar pick reviews in to us!  We not only sell the best guitar pick here at V-PICKS, we also sell fun.  It is our goal to make your experience with us just that, fun.  Please write & tell us how we are doing.  Nancy and I look forward to checking our emails first thing every morning to see what has come in.  Thank you all for these letters we get daily and please keep them coming!

The V-Pick kicks major butt. I love the tone of it. Adds some girth and clarity both to the struck note for my application, and not so drastic a tone change when hybrid picking. I highly recommend it.

Big Mike

I LOVE these picks! The feel while you are holding them is SO comfortable. The tone is really, REALLY nice and the ease with which you can speed pick(to the extent I can! ) is phenomenal. I’m SOLD! There’s no going back! I just put in another order!!!