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This is one we all have to deal with. But with V-Picks, I have a pretty good solution!

If you are playing one of our clear picks, then stand back and look for the reflection. It is much easier to see than a black or red pick on a dark stage. This clear acrylic will pick up any light in the room and reflect it. Also know that a thicker pick will not usually be exactly where you dropped it. Thicker picks will usually bounce or roll.  I have seen a round pick hit on it’s edge and roll about 8 feet at the NAMM Show before! This means it could be under your drummer, or by your monitor or mic stand. Again, it makes it much easier if you stand back and quickly scope the area. And if all else fails, when the equipment is all taken off the stage and the lights come on, VOILA. There it is.

I hope this helps. I get asked a lot about trouble finding your pick on a stage. I personally prefer the clear picks over the colored ones. For me, they are MUCH easier to find because of the reflection. Plus, I just think the clear material is way cool. And so does Carlos and Billy!

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