Just wanted to pop in and drop a huge THANK-YOU to Vinni! You are the man, Vinni! I just got that Large V-Pick you sent me, it’s perfect! I was digging the medium but it seemed like I would miss an occasional pinch harmonic because I didn’t have enough material to grab. Problem solved!!! At first glance it seems like the large is way to huge to be playable for someone who normally uses a Medium pick…. I was dead wrong! Just like the way the medium V-pick seems small for me, the Large was just what the doctor ordered! It gives me enough material to grip it up, but it still retains the feel so it won’t leave your fingers during play (still love that SO much as my fingers sweat when I play for a while aggressively!). I let my friend have one of the medium V-picks too as you asked. He likes it, not sure if he will order one (all are skeptical at FIRST… then they come around! ) but I think once he plays with it some more he will be in the same boat as others like myself on the board. Anyways, just wanted to let you know I’m still very much loving my V-Picks and especially that Large one! You can be sure that I will be ordering more once I finish picking up my new power amp! Thanks again Vinni, you ROCK!