I got mine yesterday (thanks, Mrs.

V!). Ordered on Sunday so extremely quick service. Got a chance to try them out last night. The first thing I noticed was that the discussion of size really refers to the thickness. If you lay a regular fender pick on the large V-Pick, it is about the same in the other dimensions and the smaller V-Pick is only a bit wider than the Jazz III. Despite the pictures, I was expecting the V-Picks to be half the size of a playing card! I was very pleased that this was a misimpression. The thickness seems to relax your grip which can have a large positive effect on your playing. The feel of the V-Pick is very nice and it does not seem like it will slip out of position. OK, next to the playing. I decided to not turn the amp on to start. It felt a bit foreign at first, but manageable. The notes were very even similar to the way a compressor evens out picking dynamics. A little more concentration and the dynamics were back with nice articulation. Yes, a bit like fingers, but then it hit me that the V-Pick sounded a lot like the Jazz II (at least for me. I got one out and compared). A few minutes of picking and I decided to try chords. I was a bit nervous thinking that if I dug in with this unfamiliar, thick pick the strings would just rip away. But I hit a chord anyway. This is were I was very pleasantly surprised. The V-Pick glided over the strings and the individual notes were very articulate. I quickly became comfortable with strumming and then decided to try some muting. Again, I felt the V-Pick was excellent for this. Very nice for mutes which in turn led to a diversion of several minutes of playing funk. I plugged in and my impressions remained unchanged. I did not get comfortable with fast alternate picking or string skips last night. But, I like the sounds and feel of the V-Pick which adds something to my bag-o’-tones. I am not converted and the jury is still out, but I do want to try them some more. There was some variation in the 3 picks I purchased. I got 2 large and 1 small. One of the large and the small had slight offset points on either side (from shaping or putting the “edge” on the pick, I guess). Still fine, but not as nice as the other large one which was perfect (Vinni’s personal reserve?). I did like having more of a point on the large one so perhaps Vinni can let me know how to re-shape the others. I may prefer the smaller V-Pick, but the edges coming to the same point at the tip did make a difference to me so I limited my test to the larger version. This has been a fun adventure and I look forward to more. Gary p.s. For reference, I have used Jazz III exclusively for years.