Hey man! First thing I gotta say is

this pick is amazing! I don’t know how you did it, but you made the perfect pick. I can only imagine the hours you’ve put it, but trust me, it shows! And with a pick this good, it was worth it! I know I sound like I’m in some sort of informercial, but I can’t help it! These picks just are THAT GOOD! I’ve always used thicker picks. But I’ve never been able to make it past 1.5 mm. Anything after that was just too cumbersome. It felt detached. So when I read all the reviews, I wasn’t sure. A whopping 2.75 mm? That’s crazy! I gave it a try, because at worst, I’d have a funny story of few silly picks I bought off the internet. But alas! This is not the case. When I tried my medium rounded for the first time today I was amazed! It played much better than picks half it’s size. And the sound was amazing! A friend of mine, who doesn’t even play, can hear the difference in tone with the V-Pick. And hands down, the most comfortable pick I’ve ever played. Anyway man, I just really wanted to let you know that this is more than a great product. This is a wonderful piece of art, and I think guitar players everywhere should be aware of. Your picks are awesome man!

Best wishes,