This pick is a surefire winner in my book. Thank you so much Vinni. I started off about 15 years ago using a pick that was pointed and pretty thick – like a tortex material – filled. I lost it and the closest I could get to it was a Jazz III. They are polyamide – unfilled I’m pretty sure and don’t sound quite as good as the one I lost. Somebody very kindly sent me a dozen JD 205’s recently and they are great also. That’s definitely a filled material. Could be JD’s ‘Tortex’. Your pick feels very comfortable. It’s very speedy and I like the extra thickness. The acid test was playing it with acoustic – sounded great both strumming and picking / hybrid picking. I’m sure the production model will be great – my pre-factory one has got to be worth a lot more though! Very nicely finished off with polished edges. The Jazz III’s can slip in your finger / thumb – it tends to turn a bit in mine. Yours is much more forgiving of this – without any grips. They look great too. I’m pretty sure there is nothing quite like this out there …..yet. All the best Vinni and thanks again. I’ll gladly let another UK Bammer borrow it ..not for too long though.