I got mine yesterday… JEEZ… I love it. I’m just sad I only got one. Before I go on with my review… I gotta ask… Vinni, can I buy some more off of you? I’m serious. I wanna buy about 10… to share with a couple friends too. Here is my review: I’m used to using Dunlop Tortex picks: .73mm and .88mm. I’ve always used these picks for the past several years and they’ve become the standard at which I judge guitar picks. Things I noticed about the V-pick.. and i will go over each point: It’s really thick… thicker than Jazz picks. It’s as clear as a window. It’s smaller than my Tortex picks… but bigger than Jazz picks. It’s got a blade-like edge. It glides across the strings effortlessly. It stays in your fingers without fatigue. Makes notes sing; but still retains attack… just doesn’t have as much At first I thought, oh no… I tried jazz picks before and hated em… this is even thicker than the jazz picks I’ve tried. But when I started to play… I noticed that it was easier to play with the V-pick, than my Tortex picks… and it baffled me. So I picked up my Tortex picks and kept switching to see what the difference was. The Tortex pick was a little more difficult to play… so now I was really confused. Why did I suddenly notice that the picks I’ve been using for years is now unacceptable? I did more comparisons and started to notice the sound difference as well. I started to narrow down the possibilities of what the diff was…. and even more so… why is this V-pick more comfortable to play than those Jazz picks I’ve tried before??? I think the difference lies in the beveled knife-edge and the material it’s made from. The beveled edge makes it glide off the strings without much resistance… thus allowing it to be physically thicker without being cumbersome to your hand. I noticed that my Tortex picks were kinda plucking off the strings because it’s just a flat pick… and it catches the strings. Don’t get me wrong, the V-pick still catches the strings but it lets it go more naturally. The result is less or sound from the pick… more of the singing string sound. The thing is.. the attack is still there. The material it’s made from allows the pick to stay in your fingers without moving… and without fatigue. When I’m shredding for long periods of time, my picking hand starts to cramp a little cos I have to hold on to the pick so tightly… specifically the palm area between my Thumb and pointer finger. With the V-pick… my fretting hand got tired first. That was new to me. I believe the reason for this is because, you really don’t have to hold on to the V-pick very tightly… it just doesn’t move. I don’t know why. People have said that as your fingers warm up, the pick kinda into your fingers… it definitely feels like that, but it is not a gel-type material.. nor is there any rough grip-tape type surfaces on the pick. It’s smooth… like glass. I’m not even gonna attempt to explain why this certain smooth surface adheres to your fingers kinda like a gel type feeling… all I know is… I like it. I also think that because the pick glides off the strings easier, you don’t have to hold it so tightly. The pick itself was a bit small for me at first… but it’s starting to grow on me. If I had to describe the V-pick in one sentence, it would be: “It feels like an extension of my fingers.” It doesn’t feel like a foreign object at all. With my Tortex, I had to constantly adjust the pick with my fretting hand to get it in the perfect position and clamp on tightly… and at least 2 times in each song… readjust it. I had to readjust for leads vs strumming too. I tend to choke up on leads to get some pinch harmonics going sometimes. Conclusion: I want some more. Even if this pick never makes it to the mass market, I would literally use it until something better comes out. And if it was the case that these won’t ever make it to the mass market, I would secretly guard these picks. Vinni, please send me some more. I have a lot of guitar friends… and I also want some more in my possession. I’ll pay for em. For real.