OK so I have been playing the V-pick extensively for the last few days. Here are my thoughts. At first sight of the picks I was very happy that the small size I ordered was virtually identical to my favourite pick the Dunlop Jazz III(in black of course). So I pick up the V-pick, strange feeling at first. It felt like a small but perfectly formed gem stone, it starts to feel sticky real fast which helps the grip situation. Upon first strike of string the pick reminded me of a Dunlop stubby in the way it bounces off the string, but because of the beautifully beveled edge it glides across the string in a way that the stubby wont. I quickly go back to my trusty Jazz III, feels weird. Kind of like the V-pick did at first. I then go back to the V-pick and I feel at home again. Very weird! Now my Jazz III is starting to feel alien to me. The thing I always liked about the Jazz III is the way it facilitates great, fast, downward alternate and sweep picking. But for me coming back up the strings was never as good as going down the strings. V-pick on the other hand glides across the strings downwards just as great as the Jazz but raking the string upwards is ten times better than the Jazz, this is a sweepers dream! Tone wise it creates a clear tone that sounds smooth at the same time, this pick makes me want to pick nearer the bridge and try different dynamics.