Hand-made guitar picks by Vinni Smith Here you go Vinni, posted today. You are welcome to use any of this on your site if you want, but I’m not a famous player (too bad, I should be!) Archie OK, I got small & med V-picks and am ready to share my thoughts. I am an advanced player of 30+ years, pretty much all styles. I will comment (>>>) on each claim made on Vinnie’s website. By the way, a nicer, fairer guy you will not find: “Richer tone from your instrument. Creamy high end, strong mids, a beefy bottom end and more volume” >>> No question that the very solid material glides nicely, does not give, and allows for a definite boosted mid and bottom. Electric: I did not notice a *marked* increase in volume, but the increased mids may be perceived as louder. Acoustic: Yes, I was surprised to find that my Guild D-40 actually sounded louder when strummed & picked with this pick. Amazing “Very smooth/fast action The V-Pick glides over the strings creating less friction” >>> No question this is true. It does not give at all and it’s a little like you might imagine playing with glass. (Think bottleneck on strings – it glides, almost zero friction) “Durability 3 corners deliver 3 times the life” >>> Absolutely bulletproof, very thick. “Very cool looking Smooth, Clear Acrylic” >>>Yup, it’s cool. “Very cool feeling Feels much like a highly polished stone” Yup, it feels cool. Very high quality material. “Easier to hold on to The V-Pick feels like it is holding on to you. After playing The V-Pick for a short time, you can relax your grip and the V-Pick will “stick” to your fingers.” >>>It does offer a somewhat sticky quality after a while. Pretty neat. “Reasonably priced The V-Pick costs much less than other boutique picks.” >>>Value is in the wallet of the beholder. I have never used ’boutique’ picks but own well over a hundred of all varieties and the V-Pick is among the very best.