I have to say the only thing more awesome than these picks is the man who makes them. What a class act Vinni is. Just got my batch of 6 V-Picks yesterday. Pulled one out and was amazed by how natural it felt in my hand. Like many had said I was a little surprised by the thickness as I was used to medium gauge picks. However, once I started playing it was perfect. Perfect for picking. Perfect for strumming. Just fantastic all around. I grabbed my regular pick afterwards to get a sense of the difference and I have to say it was like going from a glass of single malt to a capfull of cough syrup. The quality and fullness were that obviously different. Now here’s where the Vinni part comes in. The one problem I noticed was that my medium sized picks felt too small for my hands (it’s not that I have big hands, I’m just used to a bigger pick). I emailed Vinni and he emailed me right back saying he’d send out a new batch of large picks right away. I said where should I send back the medium ones. He said keep ’em and share ’em with your buddies. If that’s not class and customer service I don’t what is. Well done Vinni. You are truly one of the greats.