Autographs & Signature-Series Guitar Picks 0f Stars Playing V-Picks

These are autographs & signature-series guitar picks from the stars themselves. Real autographs!  They are not copies! If you are a fan, you will want one of these! You may want two, or four, or eight! One to play with and the others to save and collect or give to friends. I know I am going to put a few of them away for myself, for sure. Each of these artists have their own favorite V-Pick.  Some have their own model.  We glue their pick onto the autograph card. Their name has been laser etched on each one.  The pick has been designed and created to the exact specs the artist requested.

Creating our Autographs & Signature-Series Guitar Picks

I usually meet with these guys and have lunch. We laugh, tell jokes and they sign the cards then.  I really like all of these fellows.  Real nice folks.  Some stars out there seem to have lost the love of their instrument over the years. Not these guys.  They all love to talk guitars and music. I am confident you would like them all. Great bunch of guys indeed and I think you will enjoy owning their autographs and signature-series guitar picks.

Each card has a small bit of info on it pertaining to the artist themselves. For instance, what year they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, if they were. Their particular guitar pick is then fixed to the card with a glue dot.  They can be easily taken off if you wish.  We then put them in a zip bag for safe keeping.

Note: The artist does not play these specific guitar picks before we send them to you. Some have requested this, but it is just not possible. I think I do well just to get their autographs. They are some busy folks.


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