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3/4 inside Diameter. I’ve used so many different slides in my life. I hated them all. Noisy, scarring up the side of the guitar neck, heavy, too big or small. That’s over now, ladies and gentlemen!!! This slide is light as a feather. Very comfortable. GREAT warm tone. None of that clanking, banging noise metal or glass slides make. And they won’t break when you drop them! Made of the same wonderful material as the V-PICKS Guitar Picks. I am truly impressed and fascinated with this material. There are 8 different cast acrylics available, and I’ve chosen this one because of it’s durability, gliding action, tone and easy grip. I believe this is the best guitar slide on the market. AND, if you get into a bar fight, they make a great knuckle sammich without cutting your hand! Just kidding……Vinni Smith

“I love your slides, Vinni. They don’t just slip over the strings. They bite in and give it a totally different, cool tone and effect. They are the slide of choice in the studio today.” Billy Gibbons

Hello, Nancy:
I received the package yesterday. I couldn’t believe it arrived so quickly. I was amazed and impressed. Thank you! I really appreciate your efforts. I am a repeat customer. In fact, since I first tried V-PICKS, I haven’t used any other pick since. Hands down, V-PICKS are the best and have greatly improved my guitar playing. I would never have thought a pick could be improved and actually make such a difference. I also bought one of your new thick guitar slides. I had purchased one of the thinner ones back when I placed my first order. It just couldn’t perform as well as my glass slides. This one, however, gives all my other slides some serious competition. I get great tone with it, but without the “clang” of brass or glass against steel strings, as it is much more “forgiving.” Most slide players have a sort of fetish for new and improved slides. In my opinion, all slide players should have this slide in their collection. It’s light, fast, produces great tone, and is more quiet than other materials. It is also very comfortable and seems to become a part of my finger. I would like to round off one of the ends to facilitate easier travel over the strings. Can you recommend a material, such as emory cloth, that I can use to do this? I just prefer a slide with this feature. But I really do like it. I’m very impressed. Please let Vinnie know that he scored BIG with this one, and that I said, “thank you.” By the way, I recommend V-PICKS to every guitarist I talk to. There is nothing out there like V-PICKS. The thick ones are amazing. And to think I used to like little Tortex mandolin picks. What was I thinking?!
Peace and good health to you both from one very happy customer.
Best regards,
Adam B.

hi nancy
well after 30 yrs playing and teaching i’ve finally found the right pick..i think the V-PICK is superb…thank you so much for the free one too it is a pleasure to deal with a company so dedicated to the customer..i’ve ordered a couple more picks simply because i wont be using anything else from now on..i can now get that muddy waters tone when i play slide..and a warm bluesy sound when playing standard…thank you once again
love light and peace

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