Tradition 4.0 Guitar Pick


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4.0 mm –
1 1/4″ wide
1 5/16″ long –

Since the V-PICKS Tradition line was introduced, their popularity has been growing rapidly among V-PICKS players of the world. Now, the next step in the evolution of the V-PICKS Tradition, the new Tradition 4.0 It sports the very same shape as the regular Tradition. Except this pick is 10% larger and 4.10mm thick. This guitar pick is VERY comfortable and fast as well. Incredible tone too. It is a big, warm tone, yet the traditional point creates plenty of brightness and articulation. It is a big pick, yes, but due to the common pick shape, it really does not feel big at all. It really is quite comfortable indeed. The two rounded top corners are very usable also. Basically, they are like the Big Fatty’s corners. You can flip this pick around and get a totally different sound and feel, all in one pick.

This is not a pointed pick and not a rounded one either. But somewhere in between. You get the articulation of a pointed pick and the speed and mid-range of a rounded pick. The best of both worlds!