Tradition 3.0mm Guitar Pick




3.0mm thick –

1 7/32″ wide –
1 9/32″ long –


“This is a very versatile guitar pick!”  Oddmar Jake


Is this red swirl stunning or what?  Every one is different and unique in looks but all feel and sound just like you would expect of V-PICKS.  Full and strong mids.  Sweet singing highs and a strong punchy bottom.  

Same V-PICKS “grippage” that we have all grown to love.  If you have not tried a V-PICK before, you will notice that the special formula of acrylic will warm up to your touch and start feeling clingy and grippy.  This means you will not have to hold the pick with a death grip to keep from dropping it.  Just the opposite.  A lot of our players actually become much more light handed after playing V-PICKS for a while.  I have heard this same story time and time again.  

This Tradition 3.0mm is the result in listening to the wants and needs of our customers.  This pick will replace the Tradition 4.0mm.  

The 3.0 model is just a tad bigger than the regular Tradition and a bit smaller than the 4.0mm.  I find the size to be quite comfortable and easy to maneuver while playing.  Tucks into the knuckle area or between the fingers nicely when you choose to finger pick.  

Some of you have never tried playing with a thick pick.  You may have just not thought about it or have thought of it and can’t see yourself playing with a “marble”.  Well, let me tell you.  You are missing out on a lot of tone, comfort and fun.  You should try one today.  And you have to admit, there is not a pick on this planet that looks this cool!