The Tone King Guitar Pick



The Tone King plays V-PICKS Guitar Picks!  He carries this pick in his pocket and we are proud of that!

1.5mm –
1 1/8″ wide –
1 3/16″ long –

Lots of mids.  Nice creamy high end and tight bottom.

Very easy to hold on to and glides over the strings so nicely.  This pick will amaze you!


Note:  This is a special blend of red material.  We heat treat and then flame buff the picks to temper them to make them stronger.  This is much stronger and better than an acrylic pick that is just buffed on a grinder wheel as some companies do.  You will see the flame marks on the edges of these picks because of the way the red dye reacts to the heat.  Consider this the Tone King MOJO built into the pick!