Storyteller Guitar & Mandolin Pick




1.5mm –
1 1/4″ tip to tip –

Symmetrical –

The Storyteller is great for guitar, mandolin and bass. Good for both electric and acoustic music. Just a fantastic all-around pick. It is laser etched on BOTH sides! We do this for both look and feel. The deep laser carve makes this pick very grippable. Also, the year 2012 is engraved on each one, making it a timeless, collectable item, for sure. Designed in honor of all our favorite players. The great artists don’t simply run up and down scales or play the same group of licks over and over. They tell a story when they play. They take us on an emotional, imaginary journey. Therefore, I named this pick the Storyteller. To celebrate the great work of the Masters. Each one, 100% hand made here in Nashville USA by a pick artisan. Each one is unique in it’s own way. Shaped, ground and beveled on a bench grinder, heat tempered for durability and then flame buffed to a pristine look and feel. Then, back into the laser machine for perfection and a pick unlike anything you will find today! When you hold this pick for the first time, one word will come to mind……WOW! I have experimented and designed many picks with elaborate graphics since our early days. The first ones I made were for Carlos Santana. This pick, however, rises to the top. Three treble clefs arranged in a very cool and artsy pattern. It’s beauty is truly amazing. It gives me great pleasure to make this piece available to you.

I am confident you will LOVE this pick…….