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Find Your Perfect Pick

This is the best place to start if you are new to V-PICKS Guitar Picks.

A lot of players call and write to ask which V-PICKS they should start off with.

So, we put our heads together and decided on these 7 picks.

The Starter Kit is a great place to get started if you are new to V-PICKS Guitar Picks.

It has all our biggest sellers and most popular picks.

They all have the great tone, fast speed and gripping action that V-PICKS have become so well known for.

Made of our own special blend of acrylic, which causes the pick to actually cling to your fingers when warmed up by your body temperature.

These are the guitar picks you have been hearing so much about.

  • Chicken Picker -1.5mm
  • Tradition Lite – 1.5mm
  • Tradition Ultra Lite – .8mm
  • Medium Round – 2.75mm
  • Medium Pointed – 2.75mm
  • Large Pointed Ultra Lite – .8mm
  • Screamer – 2.75mm

This Starter Kit is absolutely affordable

You get 7 different V-PICKS (our most popular models) at this very reasonable price!

These picks are ergonomically perfect and consistent which will maximize your playing performance.

They will become your favorite guitar picks!

“If most players were to choose 6 or 7 picks to try, they would try all picks that look like the picks they usually play and they would not understand how the shape of a pick that is different can drastically change your tone…..or the thickness of a pick can thicken the sound tremendously. If they usually play a thin, flexible, pointed pick they would never in a million years try our Medium Round at 2.75mm thick. And we have had many, many, many hundreds of players tell us that that one pick changed their life. No hype. Truth. Or how the Screamer makes their guitar sing. And so much more.

So, we try to include in the Starter Kit a variety of our best picks that will each give you a different sound and feel. Spend time with each one and don’t discount it because it looks or feels different than what you usually play. Spend a good 30 min. with it and you may just find the pick you have always searched for.


Mrs. V”


Note: No substitutions, please.


Here’s a recent letter from a happy customer….

Hey, just wanted to say I’m loving your picks. I ordered the starter kit to see what I like.

I’m digging the screamer the most, and none of them spin in my fingers!!! Keep up the great work.

Thank you.



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