Snake Ghost Rim – Guitar Pick



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4.0mm –
1 3/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

Clean, clear, and FAST. Lots of mid-range. Singing quality. Huge, giant, strong tone! Incredible speed, rolls off the strings like butter. Sounds like you’re really attacking your guitar, even though you’re playing with a very light touch. Lots of gripping action, so you won’t be adjusting or thinking about this pick during a show. It stays put in your hand with no turning or twisting. This is an amazing pick indeed! Remember, once you’ve been bitten by the SNAKE, you will never be the same!
This is not a pointed pick and not a rounded one either. But somewhere in between. You get the articulation of a pointed pick and the speed and midrange of a rounded pick. The best of both worlds!
Just a little bit bigger than the Diamond. 10% bigger. Laser cut out the same size as our Large Pointed.

The Ghost Rim model V-Pick is an option of manufacture that gives you a wonderful, unique, and very musical “ghostly whisper” to your pick attack. It can be used to tame down a very aggressive attack and yet, if you change your technique just a bit, you can get that cool Brian May, Ed King, Billy Gibbons effect and sound! It can deliver a hush effect much like a violin bow, or bark like you are using a coin as a plectrum. If you do not like the chirp a thick pick can sometime make, then the Ghost Rim option is for YOU! First we take extra time to expertly and masterfully grind the pick. We have this method down to an art. This is not easy and takes years to learn to do it correctly. So much care is taken because the pick does not go thru the last stage of flame buffing. The flame can hide a multitude of sins, so we have to make sure these are precisely made to our exacting specifications. I first started making picks like this in 1980. V-Picks are the FIRST and ORIGINAL company to make this product available to you. We invented this idea of making picks and we excel above all the rest in doing so. All of my personal picks have been Ghost Rim or “unbuffed” picks.

Hi Vinnie,
thank you so much for your work. Since I have my Snake unbuffed I play much more guitar again and the difference in playability and sound to a standard pick is unbelievable. You did not promise too much with this pick, it rolls off the strings like butter and the fat sound is amazing. The more mid range were clearly to hear in a direct compare with a Screamer! I love this pick, sometimes I wish it would be a bit larger, especially when I play bass. Everything I play now is better, faster and easier to play. Funk is now funkier and Rock is rocking now.
The only problem is that now I am addicted to your picks. Playing with standart picks is from now on boring. You should do a addiction warning on the package.
My girlfriend says that I am a complete different man now, because I play not even my lessons every evening, now I play me the soul out of my body and wake up every morning like I had a good gig the evening before although I was only playing guitar for me but with the V-Pick!
I think the next ones will be the Psycho and the Colossal unbuffed!!