Small Pointed Ultra Lite

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.8mm -1″ tip to tip –

Symmetrical –

Laser cut the same size as a very popular Jazz pick, this pick has just a bit of flex. Has that wonderful V-Pick “Grippage” that you have heard so much about. As your fingers warm the pick up, it actually clings to your fingers due to our own special blend of acrylic! You will not drop this pick!  Great for rhythm and lead playing. Good for all kinds of music. Sounds great on acoustic or electric guitars.  We have also been told this is a great Bouzouki pick!


Hey Nancy, I wanna say that I have tried pick, but also the perfect pick for me. I use your small (jazz size) pointed pick. many picks, and the one I was most comfortable was the Dunlop Jazz III pick. That is until I saw your add in a guitar magazine. I decided to give the V-Pick a try. Imagine my surprise when not only did I receive a free 

Vinni, I play jazz guitar a lot and have used stone picks for a while. I really like your Small Ultra Lite Pointed pick. It has enough flex to really make it easier to pick and faster, less wrist movement. The major advantage is that it is a little thinner, which allows me more control. They feel great too, and better as you play them. The tone is very good, I don’t get that stone sound against the string as I do with the other picks. Sound color wise, they are very close to a stone pick, which is good.  I appreciate the fast service.
Thank you,

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