Small Pointed Sapphire Blue


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2.75mm – 

1″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

Sapphire Blue


  Blue Small Pointed Guitar Pick by V-PICKS Guitar Picks

This guitar pick is the best replacement for small jazz picks or plectrums. It gets a crisp, bright, yet full tone with a wonderful mid- range. You’ll hear the difference immediately! This pick never moves around in your hand, because it is made of our own special blend of acrylic and it grips your fingers. No more slipping or dropping your guitar pick! This relaxes the muscles in your hand and allows freedom of movement, which helps you play faster and more accurately. The pick is symmetrical, which gives you 3 times the wear and playability. An outstanding pick if you love a small sized guitar or mandolin pick with a point. If you like the Jazz III, you will LOVE this pick!

Also available in Pearly Gates & Ruby Red


Designed with DOT for consistency and exactness in playing.


Also available in Pearly Gates & Ruby Red


Here’s what a few of our customers have said:

I wanna tell ya that I’ve been using the V-Pick small pointed now for a few months and Vinnie, I can’t do without! The accuracy and tone consistency was noticed almost immediately. A sweaty hand will never again hinder the grip. In fact the hotter my hand gets the firmer the grip, amazing! Just ordered another batch.Thanks Vinni!
Continued blessings to you and your V-Pick family..
Rudy Valentino ,Hamburg, Germany


Thanks for sending the v-picks. I’m still working my way through them and keep coming back to the small pointed v- pick. The matchmaker article on your website is spot on; I normally use Jazz Dunlop IIs and IIIs and the small pointed v-pick replaces them nicely. I originally heard about v-picks on a number of forums and then I forgot about them. I just didn’t need any picks at that time. It was only when I needed some replacement Dunlop IIIs that I looked at my regular online site for some different picks and found v-picks. After some more investigation, I found the starter pack on the site and went from there. I’m glad I tried them out.


Hey Nancy,
I wanna say that I have tried many picks, and the one I was most comfortable was the Dunlop Jazz III pick.  That is until I saw your add in a guitar magazine. I decided to give the V-Pick a try.  Imagine my surprise when not only did I receive a free pick, but also the perfect pick for me. I use your small (jazz size) pointed pick and I can not believe the difference in my playing. I even have given out a few to friends who are working musicians who now use them. Thanks again for a product that does what it says it does.
Joseph Bilboa