Small Pointed Lite



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1.5mm –
1″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

This guitar pick is a great replacement for small jazz picks or plectrums. It gets a crisp, bright, yet full tone with a wonderful mid-range. You’ll hear the difference immediately! The pick is symmetrical, which gives you 3 times the wear and playability. An outstanding pick if you love a small sized guitar or mandolin pick with a point.

Laser cut the same size as a very popular and common Jazz pick, the Small Pointed Lite is great for all kinds of music. This guitar pick gives you a fatter, beefier tone, more volume and faster action over your strings. Lots of articulation, with great snap and bite. Great for both rhythm and lead playing, and also plays and sounds good with acoustic guitars. This is a very popular guitar plectrum.  Made of our own special formula of acrylic, this guitar pick will actually stick to your fingers as the body heat from your fingers warm up the pick. You will not drop them, or have to readjust them while playing. These are reasons why so many guitarists are replacing their old style guitar picks with V-Picks. These are the picks that you have heard of. If you belong to a forum, you probably have read the buzz. And this new pick is already becoming a very popular model indeed. This new Small Pointed is a bit thicker than a normal pick, but not as thick as some of the boutique speed picks. It is the missing link between thin, flimsy picks and thick, chunky ones. It is the guitar pick that you have been searching for! I am very confident that you will LOVE this pick.

Also available in Emerald Green.

Check out these testimonials;

Hey Nancy,  I wanna say that I have tried many picks, and the one I was most comfortable was the Dunlop Jazz III pick. That is until I saw your add in a guitar magazine. I decided to give the V-PICK a try. Imagine my surprise when not only did I receive a free pick, but also the perfect pick for me. I use your small (jazz size) pointed pick.

Hi Nancy, (Ms V)
This is my second order and i am totally thrilled. These picks are very musical with a lot of articulation.

Hey Nancy,
linked to your site from Chuck D’Aloia’s site. I received my picks last week while I was out of town, so when I got in last night I thought I would play for a bit to try them out. A bit turned into 2 hours! I am a guitarist with the United States Marine Band at Quantico, VA and this is the first new thing to really get me excited in years. I am a Dunlop Jazz III player and recently they put out a Jazz III in ultex and I figured that would be the pick I would use from now on…very articulate and fast, precise with a perfect point that wears slowly. Boy, was I wrong. 5 minutes with the small lite pointed v-pick and I knew this was something new. I began to switch back and forth from the Ultex Jazz III to your pick and the tone with yours has a more articulate attack with a warmer note behind it…and I could play faster with less wasted motion. I can only imagine how I will feel once I have had a couple of weeks to practice with this thing! I will be posting on the forums and telling all my friends, rest assured!

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