Screamer Ruby Red


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2.75mm –
1 3/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

Same as the regular Screamer, but this one is Ruby Red. The Screamer has a bright, screamy high end. It is amazing how the right bevel can create the perfect mix of high mids and brightness. Great for pinch harmonics. Good pick for sweep and alternate picking as well. Very precise attack. This is our #1 selling guitar pick. Also good for acoustic guitar.
Also available in Pearly Gates and Clear.
Please note: The Screamer and the Acoustic are the exact same pick model.


Vinni, I know I have told you this before. At the risk of being redundant, I must once again thank you for introducing me to V-Pick Screamers. I have the originals, and recently a couple Pearly Gates and a Ruby. These picks have changed my technique greatly.  I’m certain you and Mrs. Vinni have heard this many times but I find it extremely strange to play with other picks now, they just feel wrong in my hands. Perhaps I am spoiled, but it’s worth it to me to have found the comfort and increased tone that my Screamers offer. Thank you also for the complimentary Switchblade that you included in my last order. It has become a mainstay with my acoustic. I dig the crispness and clarity it adds to my acoustic tone. Again, thank you for such an invaluable addition to my playing and technique. I would love to try out one of the larger picks you offer one day. I think one would be a awesome practice tool for overall picking technique. Take Good Care,
b (bilbal)


Hey Nancy,
I got a chance to test your picks out against my Big Stubby 3.0 mm. The screamer is incredible! Very very fast pick! The pointed diamond plays so smooth and is also very fast.. I noticed the notes were a lot louder and I could get better tone out of the diamond then the big stubby. Even the screamer get out a louder more crisp sound than the Dunlop. I think so far my favorite so far is the pointed diamond with the screamer following close in 2nd. Next I plan to try the pointed Snake and the Dimension! Thanks a lot!  Jonathan