Screamer Pearly Gates


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2.75mm –

1 3/16″ tip to tip –

Symmetrical –

The Screamer is great for pinch harmonics. It has a point that is designed for speed, accuracy and bright tones. Great for Metal, Shred, Fusion, Blues, Latin, and even acoustic work.

The new Pearly Gates are probably the coolest thing we have done yet here at V-Picks! These picks look, feel and sound  AMAZING. You will not loose these on a dark stage. No way! The new Pearly Gates Series is made of our newest, unique blend of acrylic. They grip to your fingers quite nicely as do the clear V-Picks, making them easy to hold. Wear is minimal. This pick is exactly like the regular Screamer. Lots of screaming high end and very fast, accurate action. Very articulate.

Please Note, the Screamer and the Acoustic are the exact same pick model.
The Screamer is our #1 selling V-PICK available in Clear, Sapphire Blue & Pearly Gates.



Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your Pearly Gates Screamer. I’ve used it everyday for 2 weeks and it shows zero wear. I turn most of my pointed picks into medium rounded picks in a week. And for some reason it grips better than my other Screamers. I’m definitely ordering more. I also want more Nite-Glow Screamers (currently sold out). What I’ve found to be so amazing about them is that they are dead silent when I record. No squeaks or chirps. I’ve never had picks that perform like that. So I’ll also be ordering more of those when you restock them.
Sincerely, Emil”