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5.85mm –
1 5/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

This thickness makes the Psycho easy to hold on to because you can keep your hand relaxed and in a more natural position… the mass hitting the string creates a lot of energy and produces much more sound and much better sound. More volume with less effort. Like all the V-PICKS, the Psycho warms into your hand and clings to your skin without feeling sticky at all. Sweaty hands and dropped picks? Not with the Psycho V-Pick. It stays where you put it in your hand. Sharp edge. Slightly pointed.

Fat sound.  Lots of mid-range.  Very articulate due to the points.

Oh, and this thing makes a FANTASTIC bass pick too!
Please note that STU HAMM and BILLY SHEEHAN both play and endorse the V-PICKS Psycho!!!

Check out what these artists has to say…………

Hi Vinni
Just got my Psycho from you….wow! My Strat has NEVER sounded so good…even with me playing it!!
Brought it to band rehearsal …. even fatter than the bass players fingers! Love it. Thanks man you have made a huge difference to the way I sound!
God bless ya

“Imagine my surprise at picking up the Psycho. Prior to ordering the package from V-Picks, I had been a committed user of the Dunlop 3.0mm Little Stubby. I liked the idea of the small pick because it would force me to work on my technique. The Psycho is larger and thicker and I was stunned to discover how much quicker and accurate I was playing this monster. The pick is very fast and really pulls incredible tone out of my guitars, both electric, semi-hollow and full acoustic. I had expected to try it and go “not for me”. How wrong I was!”

Vinni, you might call it the Psycho, but I call it a musical life
raft. I have diabetic neuropathy which has totally trashed my feet and
is now just beginning to creep into my hands and deaden the nerves.
I’ve always used heavy picks in the same shape as the Psycho, but have
had trouble holding them in recent years. Not only can I hold onto the
Psycho better, but my old huge tone is back. Thank you SO much for
giving me this option!
Jeff M

I got my v-picks yesterday and i’m really impressed with them. I
ordered the snake, medium rounded and of course a Psycho. It’s not
only my favorite movie but also now my favorite pick. I play a
lot of drop-d tuning and what i found really cool is that when i palm
mute and “chew” rythm on the thick strings they all stand out equally
strong. Talk about power. There’s now a strong 5th in what used to end
up sounding as single string riffs. I’ve only gotten this sound before
recording layers of guitar in the studio, and this sounds better! I
actually had to check 2 times that i didn’t have the compressor on in
my amp’s fx-loop.

It’s like all the hours of synchronizing both hands finally paid off.
When i do something fast with my picking hand now, the fretting hand
just does it’s thing almost by itself. I actually have a hard time
holding back my newfound V-speed when it comes to the few fast runs i
have in our set right now. I’m ahead where i’ve always been too slow.
The psycho moves my borderline between walking fast and running if you
know what i mean. I now walk across the strings where i used to have
to run.

The snake is easy for me to get great pinch harmonics with and i think
i might be looking for a pointy snake-size pick with the thickness of
the psycho, (or even thicker?!) in my next order. Do you have anything
like that?, A Snycho?

The medium rounded has a great tone with a lot of cool snap, but is to
small for my enormous hands and will become a gift for a guitarplayer
that’s much better than of now:-)

What more can i say?, except maybe:
From my dead cold picking hand!

Additional information

Weight 6 g

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