Psycho Smokey Mountain by V-PICKS Guitar Picks


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5.85mm –
1 5/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

Smokey Mountain

Also available in clear

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This thickness makes the Psycho easy to hold on to because you can keep your hand relaxed and in a more natural position… the mass hitting the string creates a lot of energy and produces much more sound and much better sound. More volume with less effort. Like all the V-PICKS, the Psycho warms into your hand and clings to your skin without feeling sticky at all. Sweaty hands and dropped picks? Not with the Psycho V-Pick. It stays where you put it in your hand. Sharp edge. Slightly pointed.

Fat sound.  Lots of mid-range.  Very articulate due to the points.

Oh, and this thing makes a FANTASTIC bass pick too!

Please note that STU HAMM and BILLY SHEEHAN both play and endorse the V-PICKS Psycho!!!


Hi Vinni
Just got my Psycho from you….wow! My Strat has NEVER sounded so good…even with me playing it!! 
Brought it to band rehearsal …. even fatter than the bass players fingers! Love it. Thanks man you have made a huge difference to the way I sound!
God bless ya