Premium Jam Pack – SAVE $10


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The most popular V-Picks we currently make!

This package would cost you $95.00 if you bought your V-Picks separately. You

save $20 by ordering this package. It’s like being able to try over 5 different regular

V-Picks for FREE. Fifteen different styles of V-Picks, plus three of our Premium

V-picks that sell regularly for $10 to 15.00 each!

You Get the Regular Jam

Small Pointed
Small Pointed Lite

Medium Round
Medium Pointed
Medium Pointed Lite

Tradition Lite
Tradition Ultra Lite
Large Pointed

Pointed Ultra Lite
Large Round Lite
Freakishly Large Round



Snake Ghost Rim


Get the Premium Jam Pack for your premium jam!

When choosing your guitar pick, it is important to get the overall feel of the product and observe if there are any noticeable changes in the tone you produce when you use it. When it comes to grip qualities, V-PICKS stands out from other brands. Made of special acrylic material, V-picks guitar picks can be gripped comfortably and securely. For gadget loving guitar players out there, trying out these awesome guitar picks will make a difference in the way you play your guitar.


Thanks for the personal response, it makes this customer feel special 🙂 I’m actually new to V-Picks. I was actually searching for a gift for my boyfriend, as he plays the guitar (electric) avidly but I wasn’t sure what to get. I thought about getting a personalized pick but it just didn’t seem like he’d like it. I came across your site after a Google search and asked my boyfriend, “what’s a V-PICK?” He sounded very intrigued. Seems that he’s actually been wanting to purchase one for quite some time and since I didn’t know what he uses (I actually didn’t know there were different sized picks!!), I just purchased the $75 set, hoping he’ll find his “One.” Thanks for offering the perfect gift! -Jane

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