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First of all, Stu Hamm and Billy Sheehan BOTH play V-Picks Guitar Picks on their bass guitars when they do use a pick!


Fantastic tone that brings out the very best of your bass. If you want that Pink Floyd, Yes, Deep Purple, Doobie Brothers sound, then play bass with a pick. I believe the lowest, deepest tone in the mix should be the kick drum and the bass. Bass is the instrument that directly connects rhythm with melody. It’s the only instrument in the band that does this. This means you need clarity as well as great tone. These are the five best bass picks we have. I get a lot of phone calls from bass players, pro and part-time, who tell me how much they love these V-Pick models. The best tone you have ever heard from a bass pick. Period.
Get one of each of these picks and save $$$!!!
Large Pointed
Freakishly Large Pointed

Freakishly Large Round
Psycho Shredder

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