Pachelli – Guitar Pick



1 1/8″ long –

15/16″¬†wide –
4.0mm thick –

The Pachelli pick has the surface shape of a perfect jazz III but with a wider contact area due to the uniqueness of its bevel. Mike Pachelli and the staff at V-picks worked on this design for months, refining it ever so slightly into a pick that makes you play more fluidly! …More “There are things I can play using this pick that I absolutely cannot do with any other!” says Mike Pachelli. For playing those impossibly difficult licks, use the rounded edge of a Pachelli pick with the point resting on your fingers away from the strings. When it’s time to dig in and add a lot of bite to your playing – play with the point of the Pachelli pick and you’ll be impressed! The 4mm thickness may seem ‘fat’ at first but you MUST give it a try! Pachelli elaborates; “A 4mm pick is more comfortable in your hands once you get used to it. The idea of squishing your fingers together to hold a thin pick causes a tenseness in the picking hand. With the comfort of having your thumb and 1st finger farther apart holding a 4mm, your hand relaxes, it takes less strength to play a note (hence more fluidity and tone) and fast passages become much easier!” This is a MUST TRY pick – It will improve your overall playing, tone, picking fatigue and fluidity!!

NOTE: The new updated version is engraved and renamed Pachelli. It does not say Mike.