3.0mm –

1 1/4″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

Nexus means connection. That is what I feel this pick does. It REALLY connects you to your guitar. A lot of energy is transferred thru this pick. The triangle shape makes it feel like there is not much in your hand, even with the 3.0mm thickness. Huge, fat, thick tone with lots of guts! Good for all kinds of music. Fast action. My son, Adam came up with this design. It is brilliant invention! The Nexus has quickly become one of my favorite V-Picks. I like it because it has quick action, but the best thing about it is it’s expressional capabilities. It can be soft and whispery, and then roar like a lion. When you strike the string hard and firmly, this pick sounds almost like clipping an amp or compressor! It’s crazy but true, and this is with the guitar unplugged! Is natural compression or tube clipping possible? It seems to be with this pick!

The shape of this pick makes it so easy to hold.  No wonder Carlos Santana has always loved this shape guitar pick.

LOTS of mids.  Creamy high end and fat, tight bottom.  A very responsive pick to your playing.  It is like this pick knows what you want!

Note:  The Nexus was improved and changed to 3.0mm on Oct 24, 2019