Neil Zaza Signature Model


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Neal Zaza Signature guitar pick by V-PICKS   Neal Zaza Signature guitar pick by V-PICKS Guitar Picks

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2.75mm –

1 1/8″ long –
1″ wide –


“Vinni and V-PICKS make some of the most tone-changing and technique-advancing guitar picks known to man. In this, I worked with Vinni to develop what I consider to be the Holy Grail of plectrum madness… the Zaza signature! My Zaza pick not only feels natural and makes playing effortless, but improves the warmth and definition of my tone. Pinch harmonics roll off at will and the added holes mean that you get a grip that won’t slip when things get crazy on stage. I’m so proud of my V-PICK Zaza signature pick. I know you are going to love it!”

The Neil Zaza is basically the Farley with texture holes lasered in.  The speed is incredible,  articulation is amazing, and the tone is nothing less than exciting.