Medium Round Woodstock Series


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2.75mm –
1 1/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

This is the guitar pick that started if all off. It is the core of our line. The original V-PICK. A fast action plectrum with a warm tone, yet lots of bite if you want it. It has the typical V-PICKS “grippage.” Good for all kinds of music. Has a natural, singing mid-range bump. One of our most popular and most versatile V-PICKS. Three symmetrical corners give you three times the life, and V-PICKS have a very long life. A great place to start if you’re new to V-PICKS.

A lot of big time artists play this pick, including Jorge Santana, and Chuck D’Aloia. These guys are monsters on their instruments, and I am very proud to say they play the V-PICKS Medium Round.


The Woodstock Series.

They’re like, far out man.

It’s been 50 years since they gathered together on that grassy field.  I thought it would be heavy  to celebrate with some colors.  Tie-die was cool back then.  So, we have spent hours and days of research and development in putting the right colors together to create a vibe that is happening and just may take you back a while.  These picks just may be your bag.  You’ll start jammin’ on some heavy tunes before you know it.  But don’t let your friends bogart them!  Tell them to come up with some scratch and call me.

These picks are groovy man!  Up tight and outta sight!  They still have the same V-PICKS feel, sound and longevity that we have become so famous for.  Can you dig it?

So before you split from this page, you should pick up some picks that are worth the bread. 

They really are a gas!


PLEASE NOTE:  These picks are all unique and different from one another.  Some have more orange than blue and some more blue than yellow…etc.  They are all incredible looking. We will only send out picks that we think are cool looking.  Please know that you will not be getting picks that have the exact same pattern as the ones in the pictures.  They are in the same batch, but chances are, they are not the exact pick pattern.  Just like a tie-dye shirt, each one makes it’s own statement.


“I received my Woodstock Screamers and they are a work of art. I decided that collecting your limited releases is okay and a cool thing to do.”  Ernie