Medium Pointed



Also available in other colors. Click image to view.


2.75mm –
1 1/8″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –


Fast and articulate. Good for all kinds of music; acoustic and electric guitar or mandolin. Great for sweep picking. Strong, bright mid-range. One of our most popular and most versatile picks. A great place to start if you are new to V-PICKS. Will not slip in your hand…it has the fantastic V-Pick “grippage due to our own special blend of acrylic!”

Walter Becker of Steely Dan played the Medium Pointed V-PICK and so does Stu Hamm.
Also available in Pearly Gates & Ruby Red.


“I got my medium pointed in today, wow they’re really comfortable, glide across the strings, and sound wonderful. Thanks V-picks”. 

Nancy – I got my picks today and all I can say is WOW. I could tell the difference from the very first chord I strummed. My guitar sounds like a totally different instrument – a much more expensive one 🙂 I’m amazed. Thanks so much. Amos


After 40 yrs of playing I found my V-Picks medium pointed have improved my playing.My right hand is more relaxed than before and precision picking is a breeze.All in all, a great product by a great guy. You may have to try several to find the right one for you, but when you do, you won’t be able to live without them.


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