Medium Pointed Lite Ruby Red


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1.5mm –
1 1/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –


As with all the other V-PICKS models, this pick has a good, strong mid range.  Cuts thru the band and mix nicely.  Sweet and pleasant singing high end and a tight bass bottom.  Lots of volume, yet it is easy to pick lighter and still get everything this pick has to offer. Still small enough to tuck back into your fingers when you want to finger pick.

This Ruby Red pick is fantastic looking! Same great feel as our clear picks.

The Medium Pointed is good for all kind of music. Jazz, country, metal, blues, rock. It does them all. You will LOVE this pick!

Please note, you can see the flame marks on the red picks. This is how the dye reacts to the heat of the flame. Just look at is as the mojo built into the pick!


Also available in clear

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