Mandolin Premium Sample Kit

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Since the beginning of time, mandolin players have been searching for the perfect mandolin pick….only to be disappointed time and time again.  The search is over!

Find the right V-PICK for you, your mandolin and your style and save money!

  • Medium Round
  • Large Round
  • Freakishly Large Round
  • Medium Pointed Lite
  • Medium Round Lite
  • Large Pointed Lite
  • Large Round Lite
  • Medium Round Ultra Lite
  • Large Pointed Ultra Lite
  • Freakishly Large Round Lite
  • Freakishly Large Pointed Lite

Check out this testimony…..

Yes – I`m rather new to V-PICKS. I bought my first V-PICK at a music shop in the city of Trondheim, Norway. I`m using V-PICK when playing my mandolin, and there`s no doubt to me – this is the best pick I’ve ever played.
Roar Hustad