Level Precision Guitar Pick


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Level Precision Guitar Picks by V-PICKS

“Playing guitar for over 45 years and teaching for over 30 years I’m always looking for new tools to increase my focus In my guitar practice to heighten my guitar technique. The Level Precision V-PICK is designed to increase accuracy and focus to you picking technique. This unique tool gives you a visual reference to help you target specific goals for your picking. Working with the Level Precision V-PICK just a few minutes every day you can help you develop a much more refined definition of your picking technique. The Level Precision V-PICK also comes with a free download daily work out from Scott Van Zen Guitar School.”

Scott Van Zen


Note: Left and Right handed versions available.

If you want left handed version, please email after your order to vinni@v-picks.com  Otherwise a right handed version will be sent out to you.