Large Round Lite – Guitar & Mandolin Pick




1.5mm –
1 3/16″ tip to tip –

Symmetrical –


Bright, lively tone. Very, very fast action due to the round corners and bevel design. Great for acoustic guitars, electric guitars and mandolins. Easy grip. Does good tremolo playing on mandolins. This pick is a bit warmer sounding than the Large Lite Pointed. Just a little more mids. Great for strumming and for leads as well. A very good all around, go-to pick. 

Check out this testimonial from a valued customer……

I have taken up the mandolin after a spinal cord/brain injury and have trouble holding onto most picks. I called Vinni and explained my situation. He recommended I try the Lite Large V-Pick. I got it in the mail today, much more quickly than I ever expected. It’s just exactly what I needed. Vinni and Mrs. Vinni know what they are doing when it comes to picks. It is good quality. My only fear is if I put it down, being clear plastic, I’ll never see it again. Vinni would probably tell me buy a bunch of them in that case. I’m coming back for more to have fun with.
Carolyn Boyles