Large Pointed Ultra Lite

$4.00 $3.00


Also available in other colors. Click image to view.


.8mm – 
1 1/4″ tip to tip –

Symmetrical –


Very good acoustic guitar pick. Has just a little bit of flex. Fantastic for strumming chords. Gets more volume due to its larger size. Bright, powerful pick. Feels good in your hand. 

Also available in Ruby Red.

Check out this post one of our artists put on an internet forum….

If you are having any trouble with your pick; gripping, dropping, tense wrist or fingers, etc…… it’s probably the pick. Some are too soft & flimsy and others are too stiff. It’s all about control. I personally recommend the Ultra Lite Medium Pointed. Yeah, they may be considered a bit expensive, but you won’t regret paying for quality that does what it says it will. Vinni Smith is a great guitar player and Super business owner… he WILL take care of you! It’s the same situation as having a great sounding & playing guitar with a great amp, but the line-cord between them is not so good; Or a bad tube in your amp, dead strings on a great axe… it’s the little things we easily overlook that can make ALL the difference. I have been playing and performing professionally for some 45 years… I wouldn’t give top kudos to anything that didn’t live up to its ad. Any Parker owner knows they’ve invested in a quality guitar and a few dollars more will make that quality stand out ahead of the crowd for both you and all who have an ear for superior tone. Once you give V-Picks a chance you won’t use any other plectrum. You wouldn’t put cheap re-tread tires on a Hummer nor plug your Parker into a cheapo amp, so why use the same old cheapy plastic-nylon-rubbery picks everyone else does? You’ve got the best guitar, now get the best pick to play it with. 
Don Andrews

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