Large Pointed Ruby Red


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1 1/4″ tip to tip –

Symmetrical –

This is a fantastic guitar pick and a fabulous bass guitar pick as well! Gets that Yes, Pink Floyd, Doobie Brothers, Deep Purple type Bass sound.  Great for lead and rhythm playing. A very strong sounding pick. The larger size allows for a bigger bevel and a lot of surface gripping area. This is a pick that will allow you to play very light handed and yet, still sound huge! Galo Rivera plays this pick and we are very proud of that fact. You will experience very fast action due to the bevel. Grips your hand nicely. Gigantic tone! That is what this pick is all about, tone. 2.75mm thick and 1 1/4″ from point to point. A popular pick with mandolin players as well. If you haven’t yet tried V-Picks, once you do, you’ll find you were leaving a lot of tone inside your instrument. You owe it to yourself to find out just how good that instrument can sound with the right equipment!

Also available in Pearly Gates & clear.
Makes a fantastic Latin guitar pick. Played and endorsed by Galo Rivera.  I am also very proud to day that Stu Hamm plays and endorses the Large Pointed V-Pick on his bass guitar!

This one is exactly the same guitar pick as the Large Pointed, except in Ruby Red!!!
Played by Stu Hamm, Ed DeGenaro and Galo Rivera.


Also available in Pearly Gates White and Clear.


I bought these thinking, OK, try them out, if I don’t like them, I know another teacher that likes really heavy, stiff picks. NO WAY!!! I went from a large, rounded triangular,heavy Fender and got Large Pointed Ruby Red and Large lite Pointed. OH MY GOSH! I don’t know which I like best, but MAN!! I’m never going back to the old ones!! I may let a couple of friends try these, but I’ll keep close track of them since I am willing to bet they’ll want to scarf them! These are Phenomenal!! Love ’em!! Thanks so much for a great quality product!!