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Johnny Hiland Signature V-PICKS Guitar Pick   nature V-PICKS Guitar Pick


Johnny Hiland V-PICK Guitar Picks   Johnny Hiland and Vinni Smith  Johnny Hiland Signature V-PICK Guitar Pick



Johnny Hiland is an all American guitarist known as, “The Working Class Guitar Hero.” He is internationally known for his versatility in bringing forth a new modern approach to chicken pickin! He is a Shrapnel Recording Artist, a master class clinician and instructor, and a session guitarist. He has played on records for artists like Hank 3, Ricky Skaggs, Randy Travis, Toby Keith, Trick Pony, and many others. He has 4 records out to date, with his most current being, “All Fired Up.” Check out his website at
Johnny has always loved a pick with a good grip to it. In teaming up with V-PICKS, he instantly found that he had a strong connection with the Tradition.  So, we made it red, and the Johnny Hiland signature V-PICK was born.  We Laser burn the logo and name just a bit deeper for Johnny.

Note: the updated pick does not have the grooves on it.

This pick was updated to Johnny’s specs 7/16/2017