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Ever thought about test-driving ALL the popular V-Pick styles? We have a DEAL for you!! Find the V-Pick you love and can’t live without! Order this package deal, and we will ship you 15 of our most popular V-Picks. Picks for both electric and acoustic guitar. All of these picks would normally cost $60.00 total. This is a $5 savings and you get 15 picks.

(Please note this does not include the Shredder, or any of the Premium V-Picks. See the Premium V-Pick Jam Package below to include those V-Picks.)
Invite all your guitar-playing buddies and have a jam session, each one of you trying out the different styles of our guitar picks. Spend just a few minutes with each V-Pick. You might be surprised which pick you end up with! It may not be the size or shape you usually would choose, but you’ll know you have found the perfect V-Pick when you can’t put it down, and when you secretly hope no one else wants to try your size and shape of pick! Our guitar picks have attained popularity because of the quality of their designs and how they make way for you to have better guitar playing experience! Our unique blend of acrylic makes them cling to your fingers when warmed up!
The Jam Package includes:
Small Pointed
Small Pointed Lite

Medium Round
Medium Pointed

Pointed Lite
Tradition Lite
Tradition Ultra Lite

Large Pointed
Large Pointed Ultra Lite
Large Round Lite

Large Round

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