Hotter Tamale Guitar & Mandolin Pick


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Hot Hot Hot guitar pick by V-PICKS


2.75mm –
1 1/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

What makes this pick even hotter than the Hot Tamale?  It is FAST.  The rounded corners glides across the strings like quicksilver!  

The sound is big.  Lots of mids, tight bass and a creamy high end.  

This is our original V-PICKS design from long ago.  The first picks we made were this size and shape.  This is the design that put us on the map.

If you like spicy, then you will LOVE this one!

The Hotter Tamale starts out it’s life as a Medium Round 2.75mm.  We put it back in the laser for the etching of the “air cool” holes.  

A lot of players look at this pick and say to themselves “I can’t play that thing”.  They then put it away in a drawer somewhere.  Never fails, I get a call about 1 year later and they are almost screaming into the phone how this is their FAVORITE!