Gordon Kennedy Signature Model


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Gordon Kennedy Signature guitar pick by V-PICKS



Gordon has become a good friend of mine.  You really have never met a nicer person than he is.  He is also one heck of a great guitar player that has played with some amazing artists! I just visited his studio.  Quite impressive and the music he creates there is absolutely wonderful!

Gordon has fallen in love with our Tradition Lite 1.5mm in ruby red,  and like me, he likes the Ghost Rim option.  It gives the pick and guitar a totally different attack and bite.  A fun pick to play with indeed. So we added his name to one side and his Change The World logo to the other side.

Note: At the time of this writing Gordon is on tour with Peter Frampton, another one of my heros.

He is now on the Stadiums Tour with Garth!  Man, that Gordon gets all the good jobs!