12 Pick -Mandolin- Assortment Case

$69.95 $59.95


Beautiful velvet and leatherette case with chrome latch, including 12 V-PICKS carefully designed and chosen with the Mandolin player in mind. This could be the perfect gift for that musician in your life. If you want to evoke a huge “Wow” factor, this is your chance. This gift would thrill any player out there. Great for your practice room or displayed on your desk. Very handy for gigs.
You will get:

  • 1 Medium Round Lite
  • 1 Large Round Lite
  • 1 Medium Round Ultra Lite
  • 1 Medium Pointed Lite
  • 1 Large Pointed Lite
  • 1 Medium Round
  • 1 Large Round
  • 1 Medium Pointed
  • 1 Large Pointed
  • 1 Freakishly Large Round Lite
  • 1 Freakishly Large Pointed Lite
  • 1 Freakishly Large Pointed

Note: Colored picks

and Premium picks are not included in this package price.  There is an extra charge

to add colored  or premium picks.  Please contact for substitutions.

Additional information

Weight 230 g