12 Pick -Electric- Assortment Case

$69.95 $59.95


This package is for Electric Guitar Players.

1 Small Lite Pointed
1 Small Pointed
1 Medium Round
1 Chicken Picker
1 Euro II
1 Medium Pointed Ultra Lite
1 Large Lite Pointed
1 Large Pointed
1 Screamer
1 Tradition
1 Tradition Lite
1 Tradition Ultra Lite
Beautiful velvet and leatherette case with 12 of our best V-PICKS for electric guitar! This could be the perfect gift for that musician in your life. If you want to evoke a huge “Wow” factor, this is your chance. This gift would thrill any player out their. Great for your practice room or displayed on your desk. Very handy for gigs.

Note: Colored picks and Premium picks are not included in this price. There is an extra charge for Colored and Premium picks.


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Weight 230 g