EKG by V-PICKS Guitar Picks




Well. I hate to say it but last week on May 13th I had a heart attack. The next day a they attempted to install the stints to reduce the blockage. No go. So, on Tuesday I went in for major heart surgery. 9 blockages and 5 bypasses. I am feeling much better now.

Those of you that know me understand I love to mark time.  For instance the Eclipse, 1980 and the Nashville.  I usually like to do this by creating a new guitar pick model.  Drives poor Nancy nuts because she has to deal with the logistics.

I now introduce to you the EKG by V-PICKS Guitar Picks!

1.5 mm –
1 1/8″ wide –
1 1/4″ long –

I LOVE this pick! Very strong, intentional attack. We straightened out the edges and top for a very cool look and for a bit different action. As usual, the EKG will glide across your strings like no other pick. All the sonics are pretty much across the board on this one. Strong bass, full mids and singing sweet high end.

I am not joking, this model came to me while I was recuperating in a bed somewhere this week. The look and feel are exactly what I imagined.  I went out in the shop today, told them what I wanted and VOILA.

It is a good Electric pick, Acoustic pick and even a wonderful Bass pick. Mandolin players will like it also because there is plenty to hold on to.  It feels like I am very much in control of my playing pressure with the EKG.  It is not a small pick.  It is not huge either.  But it is big enough to let those guitar string know that someone is in charge here!  And the sound that is created is as such.