3.0mm –

1 3/16″ wide –
1 1/8″ long –


A wonderful pick for Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal and Country.  The Dimension does it all!

Vernon Reid plays our Dimension and we are very proud of that!

Bright and articulate, yet plenty of mids to cut thru the mix.  Very easy to get a thumping bottom with this pick.  Also makes an excellent rhythm pick.  FAST action too.  This new material slips over the strings like you have never felt. AND to top it off, this pick just looks FANTASTIC!

3.0mm thick and cut out the same size as the SNAKE. This pick is very comfortable and easy to hold. Has the V-PICKS “Grippage” that you have heard so much about. You will not drop these picks! When your body heat warms them up, they cling to your fingers without being sticky.

The Dimension has 2 rounded corners and one pointed corner. The best of both worlds! Just spin this puppy around and you have a Bluesy, warm, smooth attack for that “buttery” sound, and then switch to the pointed end and Voila, exact, precise articulation. Just a great all around pick indeed!


Inspired and dedicated to the late Michael “Muddy” Lawrence who was a fabulous guitarist.  

RIP Muddy.  2018 http://www.myspace.com/rottersclub

Muddy wanted a pick that sounded like something Beck would use. This pick is the result of this quest.


Please note:  October 14, 2019 the Dimension was updated and improved to the Dimension 3.0mm in Blue Swirl.


Please read this testimonial. I love this guy………….

Hi Nancy and Vinni
I recently purchased the dimension pick (buffed), and I love it. I was always looking for a pick where I could switch from nice leads to rhythm in the same pick. This pick is perfect for both of those in the same pick, and the tone is divine. Very rich tone, perfect for the multitude of genres that I play. Thank you so much for coming up with these incredible picks. I just can’t go back to the “other” picks I have been playing. Will definitely buy again.

Greetings, Vinni, Oh great designer of extraordinary picks!
I just got the Buffed Dimension and the Un-Buffed version as well.
I’ve just spent the last hour and a half alternating between both of them, and also comparing them to the Screamer that I use normally. I can really hear the difference with the Dimensions. They surely have a louder attack, with more upper midrange and more bass than the Screamer. The Screamer sounds scooped in comparison.
Each Dimension has its advantages. The rough one sounds better for most leads, and compliments a fuzz tone perfectly. The buffed one sounds better for most chords and gets a creamier edge to the leads. I’m going to use both.
Thanks again for making great picks. Like I said on The Gear Page:
When it comes to great tone, the difference is clear – V-PICKS! (Clear – get it?)
All the best, Chris Van Sickle

I just wanted to say I could never justify spending $4.00 on a pick. I had the pleasure of meeting Vinni at NAMM and was able to try out several V-PICKS. The Dimension at $10.00 is the pick for me. Believe the hype if you haven’t tried them already. The tone and ease of use for these are incredible. No looking back for me now. I just need to get some of them in red in case I drop them.