Diamond Pointed




4.0mm –
1″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

This guitar pick is laser cut the same size as the Medium, but is 4.10mm thick. It is the same as the Diamond, but with a bit sharper, more pointed corners.
The Diamond Pointed is fabulous for lead and rhythm. Fast, Fast, Fast!!! A great overall, go-to pick. I am knocked out by this guitar pick. VERY articulate and clear sounding. Great for strong phrasing. Note: It is SO easy to hold on to these thicker picks. They just feel wonderful!

See also Diamond for more description.

Note:  Updated to Smokey Mountain color on 5/26/2020

Hey Guys
I just got my new Pointed Diamond and Snake and they are awesome. They probably have the best tone of all the V Picks I’ve tried so far. I am truly a believer of the principle of bigger picks equal bigger tone. I should know that principle, since I play saxophone as well. The thicker reeds have a better sound. I also wanted to say that I am amazed how fast your shipping goes. Its incredible how I ordered something and then 2 business days later, I get it. Keep up the good work and never stop making these picks.

I have been using v-picks exclusively for the past several years. I just tried the diamond v-pick and was blown away. the tone is ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!! i thought/think your other picks are great but the diamond has made a difference in the tone i didn’t think possible with simply a pick. I have been and will remain a loyal v-pick customer!