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Billy Gibbons Signature Model Guitar Pick by V-PICKS Guitar Picks


Billy Gibbons Signature Model Guitar Pick by V-PICKS was designed with and for Billy Gibbons in the V-PICKS shop here in Nashville.

If you are a ZZ Top fan or if you know one, then check this out!  Billy Gibbons now plays the V-Pick Tradition Lite Ghost Rim guitar pick!  It sports Billy’s likeness that his tech Elwood Francis drew for him.  We leave it unbuffed on the edges (Ghost Rim) for that snap, growl and attitude.

You will receive his signature V-Pick on a card autographed by Billy himself. He will personally sign each one. These are not copies! If you are a fan, you will want one of these! You may want two, or four, or eight! One to play with and the others to save and collect or give to friends. I know I am going to put a few of them away for myself, for sure.

I do want to say a couple of words about this man.  One time we were having lunch together.  He noticed two people at another table that recognized him but did not want to interrupt his lunch.  He excused himself, walked across the room, handed each of them a ZZ Top key ring, shook their hands and then came back to finish his meal.  THAT is just one of the many reasons he is still on top!  He is one of the coolest guys I know.  When you talk to Billy, he listens to every word you say.  He then reacts to every word you say.  He is a real, kind, smart, caring person.

Note:  Billy thinks it is funny and/or cool to sign a few of them upside down.  If you are lucky at the draw, you may be fortunate enough to get one of these.  He also likes to print his initials sometimes instead of sign his name. He only does a few in each batch like this.  So, you may get any one of the cards shown on this page as your BFG Signature card.  This last batch he did a lot of them with his initials and the year.  That’s Billy!


Notable mention:  You may want to check out this page on Billy’s beard.  


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