We have put these package deals together to save YOU some money!

If you buy 10 of the same model, we can indeed give you a break on the price.  We have some of our most popular models listed here in this list of package deals.  If you don’t see your favorite model, feel free to call: 615.927.5989 or email: vinni@v-picks.com and we will put together a package deal of your favorite V-PICKS model just for you.

This will help to ensure one or more the following stories (real stories) doesn’t happen to you and leave you high and dry without your V-PICKS..

I went to the bathroom on a break, came back and someone stole all my picks off the amp.

My friends borrowed them and did not give them back. (Your friends are kleptos)

My dog ate them. (I have really heard this one)

I give them away all the time.  (I personally like this one)

I sold a guitar and they were in the case. 

I only have one and I lay awake at night worrying that I will loose it!


This was mostly just posted in fun, but I do hear every one of these statements.  Anyway, thank you so much for playing our picks.  It is customers like you that have helped us to grow and become successful.  We appreciate you more than I can say.





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